Marianna Korol

For the owner of the school, Marianna Korol, the power of music is truly in her blood. Born in Lviv, Ukraine, Marianna is a fourth-generation successful musician in a family of musical virtuosos.
Her grandfather was a wonderful violinist, and two of his brothers became professional musicians. One played in the Lviv Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, and the second, played in the orchestra of the National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theatre. Her father, Vitaly Shekhmester, is a Lviv composer who penned works for the symphony and wind orchestras, as well as vocal music.
Grateful for the family’s encouragement and inherited talent, today Marianna Korol is a highly experienced, innovative childhood Music Educator, Piano Teacher, and Composer.
Marianna began musical studies at age 4, and at just 9 years began composing. In 1994 she graduated with honors from Lviv Musical College and obtained a bachelor’s degree in music in Ukraine in 1998.
Throughout her career, she has composed classical music for piano, original songs with piano accompaniment, music for children, and pieces for music therapy. She lives with her family in Toronto, Canada, where she is a member of The Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada.

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