Why Every Piano Learning Student Should Participate in a Piano Concerto

Learning a piano is all about patience and practice. In the United States alone there are around eighteen million non-professional piano players which surely gives us a rough idea about the popularity of this musical instrument.

Most people learn it as a hobby or as a way to express their feelings and emotions through music, but very few people out of those who learn to play this instrument participate in musical concerts. Here are three reasons why you should participate in a piano concerto.


1.     A Piano Concerto Will Take Your Self Confidence to Next Level

You like to play a piano with your trainer watching over your shoulder in a quiet room. That’s great! But if you are to play a piano for earning a living and to become an eminent pianist of the world is your dream then it’s a great idea to start showing off your skills and ability to other people. The best way to do it is by participating in a piano concerto.

You must realize that playing a piano in a quiet room with no one watching is one thing while playing a piano in front of the bulging eyes, attentive ears and criticizing tongue of a large audience is a completely different beast. Participating in such a concerto will surely make you sweat in the beginning but your self confidence will definitely be heightened and elevated to an entire new level.

2.     It Will Make You Popular if not Famous

You at the stage, others in arena or stalls looking at you performing at your best. This will definitely make you popular among your peers and you may be lucky enough to earn the title of amateur pianist. It will also help you in networking which will increase your chances of being hired to play a piano in some special occasion or event.

3.     You Will Get True and Honest Feedback from Critiques

People will talk about you and will give you their feedback after you have performed in a piano concerto. This feedback will help you in pinpointing your areas of weakness so that you can work on improving them. Don’t take this lightly, you will be faced with some very harsh comments after your first performance but rather than getting demotivated, you should look it as a way to improve yourself and your piano playing skills. So keep your EQ high when participating in a piano concerto.

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