5 Traits of an Awesome Piano Teacher

School is like a second home for a student, and the teacher is like a parent to them. The teachers play a vital role in shaping the personality of a child. Recent studies have shown that children that attend music classes regularly (especially those who take piano lessons) perform better than those who do not attend such classes and lessons. This is one reason why parents in almost all the developed countries encourage their children to take piano classes.

Although a large number of children, every year, are enrolled in music schools in order to learn the art of playing a piano, very few stay. The reason for their sudden dropout and the loss of interest can be traced back to their piano teacher. Here are five traits that make-up an inspirational piano teacher.

1.     They are Satisfied with the Work They Do

You may have listened people say that they hate their job but you will never find a good piano teacher utter those words. This is mainly because an inspiring and motivating piano teacher truly loves what she/he does and is satisfied with the work i.e. he/she enjoys teaching piano.

2.     Are Soft Spoken and Friendly

A piano teacher who is responsible for teaching the art of playing a piano to children simply cannot afford to be strict and authoritative. Children must be comfortable and relaxed when in the company of their teacher because that’s when the real learning will take place. A piano teacher has to be affectionate and must make piano learning lessons as interesting and engaging as possible. They must also try to become friends with their students so that the child can bring out his creativity rather than holding it back.

3.     Knows How to Get the Best Out of Students

Although piano teachers are soft-spoken, caring and affectionate, but they know how to stretch their student’s abilities and get the best out of them. Many novice piano students do not realize their true potential, that’s where a brilliant piano teacher will help its students to achieve and perform at their maximum potential.

4.     They Know How to Inspire and Motivate their Students

Remember what we said earlier about most children dropping out of piano lessons. That was mainly because most piano teachers out there know their subject inside out but lack at the ability to inspire and motivate their students to keep practicing piano lessons until they’ve mastered it. A good piano teacher will always know how to spur motivation in a student when he/she seems to be falling into the deep cauldron of depression.

5.     They Tailor & Customize Piano Lessons for Each Student

Not every student is same. All wise piano teachers realize this fact and thus customize their piano lessons to suit and fit the level of every student. They use different techniques when teaching their students about playing a piano so that no child is left behind.

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