Piano Lessons

5ab267_c1b9a8bbbdb1455cac7649acf0948156Piano Lessons

Build a strong Foundation of Piano-playing Skills. Individual approach in the teaching process.

Taught individually to any child age 4 and up, piano lessons help children grow strong physically and mentally.
Regardless of musical background or skill level, playing the piano can transform your child into a number of ways:

  • Stimulates positive development of the brain
  • Inspires an incredible sense of accomplishment after mastering simple melodies
  • Empowers children to learn about and express their emotions in healthy ways
  • Provides an unparalleled positive outlet for relieving stress
  • Teaches essential skills to play a universal instrument that can be enjoyed solo, or with a friend

Lessons include:

  • Sight-reading and rhythm
  • Ear training
  • Initial singing skills
  • Development of coordination and movements
  • Music games