Why The First Piano Teacher Is Very Important?


Here in this blog postFirst Piano Teacher Is Very Important markham music school we have discussed why it is absolutely necessary to have a piano teacher especially if you are learning to play a piano for the first time.

Your Piano Teacher Will Teach You the Perfect Piano-Playing Hand Posture

Hand posture and comfort is imperative while playing the piano and it is something that you can’t just learn by reading a book or watching a YouTube video. A personal piano teacher will teach you how you can swiftly move your hands across the keys of a piano, this is important because if your hands are tight and cramped then you will not be able to quickly reach for the piano key which will negatively affect your performance.

Your Piano Teacher Will Teach You How to Read Piano Notes and Key Signature

You learn a language by reading its literature. Piano notes are the literature of music. All great pianMusic Lessons Markham Music Schoolists that have composed some of the best melodies have done it first by writing down the piece of music. Learning piano notes and key signature will enable you to listen the music just be looking at the piano notes. Sounds cool, isn’t it?

Furthermore, if you are trying to impress your date by playing Mozart after a romantic dinner, you should first be able to read his piano notes correctly in order to play it superbly.

Your Piano Teacher Will Correctly Number Your Fingers and Will Teach You How to Use Them

If you look critically at some piano notes, you will observe that some pieces have fingering marked on the music sheet. This is done mainly to give you an indication that which finger has to be used to execute a particular musical passage comfortable and efficiently. A piano teacher will consciously hand you over those piano notes for practice that have excessive use of these fingering techniques so that playing music by using the finger as indicated in the music sheet becomes your second nature and you are able to do it even unconciously.

According to a study conducted by rauscher F.H. , a Psychology professor at University of Wisconsin, allowing children to learn piano at a young age significantly affects and improves their IQ scores (in both spatial-temporal and logical reasoning)  compared to children who either had no lessons or even took lessons in casual singing or computer.

If you live in Richmond Hill or Markham  and you are interested in enrolling your kid(s) for piano lessons in Richmond Hill then we at Korol Music School will be glad to take that responsibility. At Markham Music School we have year round rolling admissions where the parents can also attend the piano lessons  right alongside their child.

Call us at 647-701-5220 to register for our piano lessons or alternatively, shoot us an email at korolschoolofthearts@gmail.com


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