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3 Reasons Why Piano Lessons need to be Interesting and Enjoyable

Did I just read the words interesting and enjoyable? Ah! Come on, you must be kidding me. Learning to play a piano is a serious skill that needs years and years of practice as well as patience. Yeah, that’s right, years of practice but it doesn’t necessarily mean that learning to play a piano is a boring activity or hobby.

Most children/students qui
t learning to play a piano because they think that the more charming and enjoyable it looks on the outside, the more boring and uninteresting it is on the inside. Well, you can tra
ce their decision to a single factor, their trainer. Piano trainers often fail to create a motivating, enjoyable, and pleasant environment in their classrooms/training rooms where the child’s creativity can breed. This results in the loss of enthusiasm in most people over time.

Here are 3 reasons on why piano lessons given by trainers need to be interesting and enjoyable:

Reason # 1
– People Learn Quickly When They Are Happy

          The first and the foremost reason for making your piano lessons interesting and enjoyable is to keep your students happy. Research has proven that when people are happy and excited, they tend to learn more quickly. Learning a piano is something that takes time so keeping your piano lessons interesting and appealing will increase the probability and chances that your students will quickly be able to learn and grasp the concepts of playing the keyboard.

Reason # 2 – Creativity Never Breeds in a Boring Environment

      Creativity can only be found in people, schools and organizations where a motivating and pleasant environment is present. Playing a piano is not science, it’s an art which means
that after you have learnt how to play a piano you have to be creative in order to come-up with your own creation rather than simply playing the musical pieces of other artists for the rest of your life. An enjoyable environment in your training room will encourage your piano students to create their own musical melodies.

Reason # 3 – After All its Music!– After All its Music!

          Hey man it’s a lesson on music, not on management, so it should be exciting and full of fun rather than dull and dreary. Music, by any definition on this planet Earth, needs not to be boring. It’s something that is considered as a food of love so how come its learning process be boring? Making your piano lessons boring and lifeless is like stabbing a dagger right in the chest of popular pianists whose melodies still provide joy to millions.



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A research conducted by Gallup shows that 95% of North Americans believe that music is a key component in a child’s well-rounded education. If you live in Richmond Hill or  Markham ,  and you are interested in enrolling your kid(s) for piano lessons in Music School will be glad to take that responsibility. At Markham Music School we have year round rolling admissions where the parents can also attend the piano lessons   right alongside their child. We do not force the child to play a piano rather, we show them how interesting it and fun it is, so that they are self-motivated to learn to play it. Call us at 647-701-5220 to register for our piano lessons or alternatively, shoot us an email at korolschoolofthearts@gmail.com

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